French language tour to Opal Coast by coach: 3 days, 2 nights

Your MFL tour to the Opal Coast will provide wonderful opportunities for students to practise and extend their French in real-life situations alongside experiencing the French culture

Suggested itinerary

Day one
Depart from school by coach
Connect with channel crossing
Snail Farm
Arrive at accommodation

Day two
Goats Cheese Farm
Chocolate Factory
Sweet Making

Day three
Depart accommodation
Connect with channel crossing
Arrive back in the UK

Tour gallery

Excursion locator map

Excursion Ideas

  • Town Trail

    Subject range: Cultural, Language

    What you’ll experience: ‘Hunt Fun’ treasure hunts are a great fun way to get your students out and about and exploring a town whilst on your tour, learning so much along the way. The treasure hunts will guide you past historical buildings, statues and monuments encouraging problem solving, team work, navigation skills and much more. Your treasure hunt packs contains treasure hunt booklets to complete.
    Select says: A treasure hunt will normally last about 2 hours but could be made longer by incorporating a lunch stop or another local visit. Available for selected towns within Belgium and France – speak to one of our travel advisors for further details.
  • Snail Farm - Les Escargots du Bocage

    Subject range: MFL, Cultural

    What you’ll experience: What you’ll see: From mid-April to October, Fabienne and Sylvain welcome you to share their passion and make you discover the life of the snail from birth to plate. The visit includes: a tour of the farm park, snails, a slideshow and tasting. Find out more here.
    Select says: A great way for students to be adventurous in trying the delicacies of another culture. The farm visits take place by appointment from 20 to 45 people.
  • Goat's Cheese Farm – Le Fond Des Communes, Montcavrel

    Subject range: MFL, Cultural

    What you’ll experience: Le Fond des Communes is a cheese farm where your students will discover a traditional French process of turning fresh goat’s milk into cheese.
    Select says: Students will be able to visit the storage cellars and have a tasting.
  • Chocolaterie Artisanale de Beussent

    Subject range: MFL, Cultural

    What you’ll experience: Down the stairs by the side of the garage, tempting smells welcome you to a world of chocolate. You walk through a small chocolate shop into a basement chocolate factory. After the demonstration and tasting, you go back through the shop so that students can buy some more to take home if they choose.
    Select says: This is one of the only chocolate factories in France that makes its chocolate directly from cocoa beans.
  • Sweet Making - Confisserie Bec a Suc, Boulogne-sur-Mer

    Subject range: MFL, Cultural

    What you’ll experience: In this traditional confisserie, students will learn what ingredients are used to make different sweets such as fruit drops and jellies, truffles, marzipan and lollipops. There is a demonstration and tasting.
    Select says: A quick visit to the shop after the tour is always popular with students so ensure you leave a bit of time!
  • Bakery - Boulangerie Le Fournil, Wierre-Effroy

    Subject range: MFL, Cultural

    What you’ll experience: This is a traditional family-run bakery where students can watch a baker working in the original part of the bakery and then visit the modern part where they can see croissants being made.
    Select says: You will also be able to sample fresh baguettes and croissants!

French language trip to Opal Coast by coach: 3 days, 2 nights Accommodation

Riva Bella Le Touquet

Our rating:

Location: Le Touquet

Capacity: 50

Situated in an excellent location in Le Touquet on a quiet road and close to the town centre. Approximately 100m from the beach and Aqualud centre.

Rooms: Mostly en-suite rooms, some shared facilities.

Facilities: Dining room, meeting room, teachers' lounge, large courtyard.


Our rating:

Location: Le Touquet

Capacity: 180

The recently renovated Hippotel in Le Touquet is set in the forest near the estuary of the Canche, and offers easy access to the beach and town centre.

Rooms: All rooms have en-suite facilities.

Facilities: Restaurant, games room, pool table, table football.

Les Sables d'Or

Our rating:

Location: Stella Plage

Capacity: 92

Les Sables d'Or is well located in Stella Plage, a short drive from Le Touquet and close to the beach! This is a popular accommodation with our groups.

Rooms: Mostly en-suite rooms, some shared facilities.

Facilities: Free Wi-Fi, garden terrace.