Science tour to Euro Space Center, Belgium, by coach: 3 days, 2 nights

A fantastic opportunity to offer students a focused space science experience. Accommodation is also located in the Euro Space Center so no time is wasted immersing yourselves in the experience. A variety of options are available depending on the duration you choose to travel (1-5 day options are possible). You could also add in different excursions outside of Euro Space if you would like to extend your trip. See the excursions tab for ideas. Please note, the itinerary below is intended to demonstrate a sample of the activities on offer and your tour may differ in content. It’s also possible to combine with a trip to Brussels or Ypres – enquire for details. ***Please not that the Euro Space Center is due to be closed for refurbishment between 1 September 2019 and 30 June 2020***

Suggested itinerary

Day one
Travel to Brussels
Arrive at Euro Space Center,
Evening at leisure

Day two
Space Activity Programme:
Moonwalk chair : Moon gravity simulator 1 hour
Multi-axis chair : disorientation simulator 1 hour
Live in space movie about life in space 0:30 hour
Free open activities outdoors (with no guide) until 3:30 hours
Space show

Day three
Visit multimedia space exhibitions
Return to UK

Excursion locator map

Excursion Ideas

  • Atomium

    Subject range: Cultural, STEM

    What you’ll experience:The iconic symbol of Brussels and Belgium, with its unique architecture, the Atomium is the most popular attraction in the city. Built for the 1958 World Exhibition, the Atomium now houses a permanent exhibition about its history as well as temporary exhibitions focused around sciences, design, and society. The upper sphere offers unique and spectacular views across the city skyline.

    Select says:The Atomium is shaped on the model of an elementary iron crystal enlarged 165 billion times. Find out more about the Atomium here.

  • Euro Space Center

    Subject range: Science, STEM

    What you’ll experience:The Euro Space Center, Belgium, is a unique educational theme park which centres around space. It’s both a fun and educational adventure of 1 to 5 days and is a unique concept in Europe. Students have the opportunity of taking part in fantastic space adventures such as a simulated walk on the Moon, building rockets, a space mission and much more. Your students are certain to leave thoroughly enthused and motivated about science!

    Select says:The activities are suited to your students’ age group and are delivered by a passionate educational team and are available in five languages.

  • The Pass Science Activity Centre, Framieres (Mons)

    Subject range: STEM

    What you’ll experience:The centre provides 90 minute workshops on robots or cyberspace as well as interactive exhibitions on genetics, water, light and energy.

    Select says:Well focused activities to help your groups’ learning. Learning links include: science and technology.

  • Technopolis Science Museum, Mechelen

    Subject range: STEM

    What you’ll experience:A series of activities within the exhibition with overlap into other STEM areas. The Main exhibition is a series of interactive exhibits for anyone with a bit of curiosity, from 4 to 104. They show us how science and technology lie hidden in everyday objects. There are also several demonstrations that take place during the day. A special zone, called Inspirience, is targeted at 14-18 years old.

    Select says:A great range of activities that you can use in a targeted way to support your students learning. Learning links across science, technology, maths and engineering.

  • Earth Explorer Centre, Ostende

    Subject range: Science

    What you’ll experience:Theme Park and a science museum with activity experiments. You can experience the interactive exhibition or have your group undertake experiments in the labs.

    Select says:A theme park that also gives great teaching opportunities. Learning links to science.

Science trip to Euro Space Center, Belgium, by coach: 3 days, 2 nights Accommodation

Euro Space Center

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Location: Request a quote View map Euro Space Center

Capacity: 205

Accommodation is part of the Euro Space Center so you can truly make the most of your days!

Rooms: 205 beds.

Facilities: The Euro Space Center offers 7000 m² of facilities overall and has two restaurants and many meeting rooms. Meals: Suited to your cultural habits and diet.