Team Select has just returned from a trip to Iceland, experiencing the very latest excursions on offer for school geography trips so that we can offer our party leaders the latest, first-hand expert advice. Here’s why each of them think Iceland is a great choice for your next school trip destination:

“This land of fire, ice and elves took my breath away as everywhere you looked there was something to make you say wow! You can actually feel this land living and breathing. From the staggering waterfalls, snow-capped mountains, explosive geysers, geothermal lagoons, incredible glacier walks, Saga folklore, lava centres & the flyOver Iceland excursion, you will be in awe as this is truly mother nature at her finest! My top tip is to invest in a pair of fleece-lined waterproof walking trousers as being snug and dry is a huge bonus in this ever-changing landscape.”

Sarah Booth – Travel Advisor

“Where else so close to home can you see and visit volcanoes, glaciers, geysers, waterfalls…The diversity and learning possibilities are outstanding, nothing like it!
A once in a lifetime experience for pupils and teachers alike.”

Ann Brown – Travel Advisor

“Iceland, a geographers paradise! Based only a short flight away where you can see such a variety of landscapes & truly breath-taking scenery. From the stunning glaciers striped with volcanic black sand to the magnificent Explosive geysirs!

Take a visit to the Iceland Lava show to experience one man’s story of the 1918 Katla volcano eruption. Feel the extreme heat of the molten lava after ash from the 1918 eruption is melted back down to its molten lava form & then witness it cool down into black volcanic glass.”

Fleur Moquet – Travel Advisor

“Iceland – the place to go to bring your text books to life. Actually to see volcanoes and their effect on the environment and bring home a precious piece of volcanic glass, not to mention the glaciers, waterfalls, every view has a wow factor.”

Sharon Nobes – Travel Advisor

A geography trip to Iceland is a truly unique experience, and certainly a busy one! You will be amazed at the wonders and wealth of Volcanos, Glaciers, Geysers and waterfalls all living side by side. The physical evidence of the tectonic plates moving apart and increasing the size of Iceland each year can be seen all around you. My top tip on this busy trip will be to take some time to visit the Geothermal waters at the Blue Lagoon or Secret Lagoon and just relax like the Icelanders!

Marie MacDonald – Travel Advisor

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Categories: Geography

by Ewan Cheyne


Categories: Geography

by Ewan Cheyne


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