Planning a school trip can be an exciting endeavor, and there are numerous possibilities depending on your location, budget, and the interests of the students. We have pulled together some general trends that are gaining popularity in the education and travel sectors.  Here are some school trip ideas for 2024 & 2025:

Environmental Education:

With growing awareness of environmental issues, schools may prioritize trips that focus on environmental education. This could involve visits to eco-friendly destinations, participation in conservation projects, or exploring sustainable practices in different countries.

View our environmental-focused trips to Iceland here.

STEM-focused Trips:

Educational trips that emphasize science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) subjects have been popular. Visiting science museums, technology centers, and participating in STEM workshops abroad can enhance students’ interest and knowledge in these fields.

View our STEM-focused trips here.

Language Immersion Programs:

Language-focused trips to countries where the target language is spoken can provide students with immersive language experiences. This trend aligns with the increasing importance of multilingualism in a globalized world.

View our language-focused trips here.

Cultural and Historical Exploration:

Educational trips that delve into the history and culture of different regions remain popular. Visits to historical sites, museums, and cultural events contribute to a well-rounded education and foster a sense of appreciation for diversity.

View our cultural-focused trips here.

View our historical-focused trips here.

Culinary Tour:

Explore a city’s culinary scene, visit food markets, and attend cooking workshops.

View our culinary-focused trips here.

Arts and Theatre Experience:

Attend a live performance or musical.  Visit art galleries or participate in art workshops.

View our art-focused trips here.


Amusement Park Day:

Reward students with a day at an amusement park as an end-of-year celebration.

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