Ten reasons for teachers to take the plunge and offer their students a school trip abroad

When thinking of taking a school trip abroad there are many things that go through a teacher’s mind – first and foremost will it be worth the time and effort it will take on top of the usual teaching pressures, then all the other factors such as finding the right destination, having the trip approved by the head and governors, safety, administration etc. Aside from the wealth of evidence and research about the benefits of learning outside the classroom, teachers know instinctively from their own memories of school, where the most meaningful, memorable learning happened – more often than not these experiences took place outside of the classroom. In our experience, students and teachers participating in a school tour abroad not only have fabulous and unique time, but also benefit from many other advantages for weeks, months, even years after.

Here are some of the reasons why:

1. Learning about different cultures

Whatever your subject focus, all school trips in Europe and beyond promote cultural learning and understanding.

2. Memorable learning

When we look back at our own school life, the things we remember about learning are always the most vibrant and experiential activities. A school trip makes lasting memories.

3. Making new friends

A school trip gives time and space for pupils to forge new relationships within their peer groups and also the chance to make new friends and pen pals abroad.

4. Opportunities to learn language

Hearing, speaking and reading language in the native speaking country accelerates the speed of learning enormously!

5. Forming a bond between students and teachers

Students get to see a different side of their teachers outside of the classroom environment and vice versa, plus it’s a great opportunity to communicate in a more relaxed environment.

6. Students’ increased motivation

Students show a marked increase in their motivation for a subject for weeks leading up to a trip and afterwards for weeks, months – even years!

7. Boost your uptake for GCSE

Taking a trip abroad is a great opportunity to build students’ interest and excitement for a subject and encourages them to pursue it at GCSE level and beyond.

8. Culinary experience

Trying new foods can be an unexpected benefit for your students, with opportunities to step outside the normal and try something different.

9. Confidence and the challenge

Stepping out of their comfort zone boosts student confidence and self-belief.

10. Boost their CV

Further education and employers value students’ wider curriculum, including the participation in study trips abroad.

Organising a trip for your students is 100% worth it, not just for them, but also for you!

Find your Local Travel Advisor and start organising your next school trip!

Categories: Guides

by Ewan Cheyne


Categories: Guides

by Ewan Cheyne


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