With all the excitement of the lead up to Christmas, December is a great time to promote a Christmas Market school trip for the next academic year (plus there are more benefits than you may have thought…)

Develop greater cultural understanding

A Christmas markets trip is a great way to promote an understanding of different countries and cultures. Consider how a Christmas Markets trip may fit into your PSHE curriculum.

Language Learning

Christmas markets are a perfect language learning opportunity. Real-life exchanges, with pupils talking to the stall holders and chatting prices and products, are a great way to build confidence and accelerate language skills. They’ll be no shortage of situations for your students to take advantage of.

Cross-curricular opportunities

The Christmas markets are a perfect opportunity for a cross-curricular school trip. As well as integrating aspects of language learning, you could include history, art or religous education for example. Talk to one of our advisors about the possible excursions that can be linked to the Christmas market destinations.

A destination to suit everyone

Whether you want a short hop across the channel to Lille or a longer trip to Cologne, a bustling vibrant city such as Paris or a smaller quaint market town, there is somewhere for everyone. You may want to consider a two centre tour to expand your experience, or you could add in some excursions relevant to current studies. Our favourites include: Aachen as it’s Germany’s closest Christmas market for school trips and you can also visit the Lindt Chocolate Factory Outlet; and popular school trip destination Paris, as seeing the iconic sights of Paris lit up is an absolutely magical experience for students (and teachers!).

Festive cheer!

A Christmas markets school trip is a great way to bring students and teachers together in the festive spirit. Student interactions and friendships are given the opportunity to flourish outside the usual learning environment as well as it being great for student / teacher relationship building. Plus a school trip is always something fun to look forward to and a motivation to get you through the Autumn term.

Why not contact us today to chat about a trip to the Christmas Markets in the next academic year? Putting the steps in place now will give you plenty of time to promote the trip and to get great student interest!

VIEW OUR CHRISTMAS MARKETS HERE or contact us on 01444 870100 for a tailor-made tour.

Categories: Christmas Market

by Ewan Cheyne


Categories: Christmas Market

by Ewan Cheyne


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