Geography tour to Normandy by coach: 4 days, 3 nights

Geography tour to Normandy by coach: 4 days, 3 nights

Normandy is a superb cost-effective alternative to the typical geography destination choices! Our Château du Baffy in Normandy is ideally located close to the River Seulles and is just 15 minutes from the coastal landscapes and within reach of the dramatic tidal landscape of Mont St Michel. Areas of geographical learning covered include: Human Geography - People and their Urban Environment; Physical Geography – Landscapes; Physical Challenges – Changing Earth, Hazards and its Consequences; Environments and Resources; Ecosystems; and Geographical Skills. Our free related activity book will save you valuable planning time and promote the key geographical learning. A 5 day tour is also possible - enquire for details.

Suggested itinerary

  • Day one
  • Depart from school by coach
  • Connect with channel crossing
  • Arrive at accommodation
  • Visit Bayeux - land use transects
  • Day two
  • Arromanches - coastal management strategies or tourism survey, environmental quality
  • River studies of the River Seulles at various locations - water quality testing, flow characteristics and meanders
  • Day three
  • Mont St Michel - the tidal system and estuary
  • Visit La Calvadosienne oyster farm on way back
  • Day four
  • Depart accommodation
  • Stop en route at Étretat
  • Return back to the UK on coach

Excursion locator map

Geography tour to Normandy by coach: 4 days, 3 nights

  • Swimming - Aquanacre

    Subject range: MFL, Physical Education

    What you’ll experience:

    Aquanacre is located in Douvres-la-Délivrande, just 10 minutes from the Château du Baffy. The swimming centre has 3 pools, one outside, and a pentagliss (parallel slides).

    Select says:

    Swimming is always a fun activity to choose for the students and great for unwinding as an evening activity.

  • Oyster Farm - La Calvadosienne

    Subject range: MFL, Cultural, Geography, Food Technology

    What you’ll experience:

    During your visit students visit the oyster banks and learn about the oyster and the history of oyster farming in Europe. La Calvadosienne is accredited as an “educational farm” and the complete visit is available in English. You will also learn how the tidal system affects the farming of the oysters.


    Select says:

    La Calvadosienne is located to the east of Arromanches within the oyster farming area of Asnelles-Meuvaines.

  • Mont St-Michel

    Subject range: Geography

    What you’ll experience:

    Mont St-Michel is in the heart of a great bay that has the highest tides in Europe. Strong tides protected the abbey during the wars that ravaged France. At high tide, the tidal island is surrounded by the cold, fast-moving waters of the North Atlantic. At low tide, the landmass rises from the beach. Your group can experience the beautiful view over the bay from the ramparts path.

    Select says:

    Guided tours around the bay are also possible - contact us for deatils.


  • Arromanches

    Subject range: Geography

    What you’ll experience:

    Arromanches: environmental quality investigation, tourism survey and evaluation of coastal management strategies. Arromanches is a significant tourist location on the Normandy beaches with an important role to play in telling us the history of the successful landings. But what can we learn today about how the impact of tourism is managed to sustain the environment of this coastal environment.

    Select says:

    A great location to investigate coastal features and learn about our (as tourists) impact upon the area

  • Bayeux

    Subject range: Geography

    What you’ll experience:

    Land use transects and the location and clustering of services in the CBD. Work focussed on the urban landscape, showing through a city transept, the disposition of services and business as well as residential areas in the city

    Select says:

    One of the most beautiful and compact towns in which to study the urban landscape.

  • Various river studies at the River Seulles

    Subject range: Geography

    What you’ll experience:

    There are many locations around the Château du Baffy suitable for conducting various river studies. Areas of fieldwork may include water quality testing, flow characteristics and meanders.

    Visit River Seulles at Colombiers sur Seulles for water quality testing, which can include: water temperature; levels of nitrates, phosphates and ph; dissolved oxygen; water turbidity; and monitoring water pollution with invertebrate indicator species.

    Visit River Seulles at St. Gabriel and Pont de Reviers for studies of river channel and flow characteristics, and meanders. A range if geographical skills are developed in measuring, recording and presenting information, and it is also possible to examine the sustainability of water usage in the area.

    Select says:

    Please be cautious whilst conducting the tests on public land as the terrain might be slippery. 

  • Étretat

    Subject range: Geography

    What you’ll experience:

    A coastal study developing skills in recording and presenting information. Topics include beach profiles - shingle beach; beach sediment size investigation and features of coastal erosion: chalk cliffs, caves, arches and stacks.

    Select says:

    An opportunity to get to grips with a range of coastal features in a small area.

Geography tour to Normandy by coach: 4 days, 3 nights

Learning areas:


  • Human geography relating to: population and urbanisation; economic activity in the primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary sectors;
  • Understand how human and physical processes interact to influence, and change landscapes, environments and the climate; and how human activity relies on effective functioning of natural systems


OCR J383

  • People of the Planet
  • Environmental Threats
  • Ecosystems of the Planet
  • Geographical Skills

OCR J384

  • Urban Futures
  • Resources Reliance
  • Distinctive Landscapes
  • Sustaining Ecosystems
  • Geographical Skills

AQA 8035

  • Urban Issues & Challenges
  • Challenge of Resource Management
  • Challenge of Natural Hazards
  • Living World
  • Geographical Skills

Edexcel A (1GA0)

  • Changing Cities
  • Resource Management
  • Ecosystems, Biodiversity & Management
  • Geographical Skills

Edexcel B (1GB0)

  • Challenge of Urbanising World
  • People and the Biospheres
  • Hazardous earth
  • Geographical Skills


OCR H481

  • Changing Spaces
  • Landscape Systems
  • Coastal landscapes
  • Hazardous earth
  • Earth’s Life Support Systems
  • Exploring Oceans
  • Geographical Skills

AQA 7037

  • Changing Places
  • Coastal Systems & landscapes
  • Water and Carbon Cycles
  • Hazards
  • Ecosystems under Stress
  • Contemporary Urban Environments
  • Population and the Environment
  • Geographical Skills

Edexcel 9GE0

  • Shaping Places
  • Tectonic Processes
  • Coastal Landscapes & Change
  • Water Cycle
  • Landscape Systems, processes & Change
  • Geographical Skills



Geography tour to Normandy by coach: 4 days, 3 nights

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    Château du Baffy

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    The Château is only 6 kilometres from the picturesque seaside town of Courselles-sur-Mer with its yacht harbour and sandy beaches, and is also on the doorstep of Bayeux and the World War II landing beaches. It's the perfect base for groups to enjoy the wealth of excursions and educational experiences on offer in this historical area.

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