Cross-curricular / MFL tour to Brittany by coach: 5 days, 4 nights

Cross-curricular / MFL tour to Brittany by coach: 5 days, 4 nights

A tour to Brittany offers excursions that are fantastic for a Key Stage 3 cross-curricular tour with elements of history, geography, science, technology, language, art, maths, citizenship and RS. This is a great tour to join up with other teachers in order to maximise the learning potential and make an educational tour viable during term time for the best prices. See our learning overview page for further details of the relevant curriculum areas!

Suggested itinerary

  • Day one
  • Travel to Brittany
  • Evening activity in accommodation
  • Day two
  • St Malo boat cruise
  • Oyster farm visit in Cancale
  • Day three
  • Morning visit to the famous island and monastery at Mont St Michel
  • A visit to the Château de Fougères
  • Day four
  • Morning trip exploring St Lunaire and/or Dinard
  • Afternoon visit to a local cider farm
  • Day five
  • Return to UK & School

Excursion locator map

Cross-curricular / MFL tour to Brittany by coach: 5 days, 4 nights

  • Mont Saint St Michel

    Subject range: MFL, Cultural, History, Geography, RS

    What you’ll experience:

    This world famous island and monastery is surrounded by tidal sands, and has been a place of refuge and pilgrimage for centuries. You will have time for a tour of the Abbey and for shopping in the narrow and evocative lanes of the island.

    Select says:

    This is a beautiful location and worth taking your time and making the most of the monastery and village at its feet.


  • Fougeres

    Subject range: MFL, History

    What you’ll experience:

    The town is one of William the Conqueror's bases which lies at the borders of Brittany, Normandy and Maine. An outstanding castle dating from the 13th Century, it was originally built at the Breton border to help preserve independence from France and Normandy. Students can also see the valley in which the tanneries can be found.

    Select says:

    This is a beautiful small French town. The castle is picture book with typical Medieval round towers and moated castles.

  • St Malo

    Subject range: MFL, Art, Science, Geography

    What you’ll experience:

    A day in the town to provide a range of opportunities for your group. Students can walk the remains of the town walls or spend time practicing mathematical and language skills in the markets (held every day except Sunday). It is also possible to visit Le Grand Aquarium or the Barrage de la Rance across the estuary entrance.

    Select says:

    This is an opportunity to use the day for a range of activities all valuable for learning. Immerse yourself in the language and sights of a traditional French market or venture to the edge of the town. A great day!

  • Glass Blowing factory in Saint Meloir des Ondes

    Subject range: Art

    What you’ll experience:

    Watch as the skilled craftsmen create the pieces from flowing glass. A workshop can be arranged in which students practice how to blow and mould glass.

    Select says:

    A guided tour around the workshop with a possibility for your students to try glass blowing. 

  • Perros-Guirec and Ploumanac’h - The Pink Granite Coast

    Subject range: Geography

    What you’ll experience:

    Students take a walk along this geological wonder, the Pink Granite Coast, so-called because of the colour of its rocks. This is one of the most fascinating stretches of Brittany’s coastline and the area is renowned for its rock formations, found on the coastal path between Perros-Guirec and the port of Ploumanac’h.

    Select says:

    There are many unusual rock formations and this is a great location for learning opportunities.

  • Josselin

    Subject range: MFL, Art, History

    What you’ll experience:

    Josselin is a beautiful medieval town set on the river Oust, boasting a delightful château near the town square overlooking the Basilica de Notre Dame du Roncier. The half-timbered buildings and charming character of the town are the reason Josselin has been named a Petite Cité de Caractère (literally 'little city of character'). You will have time to visit the castle as well as the town centre.

    Select says:

    A beautiful town and castle - there is lots to learn just by sitting, listening, watching and taking in the atmosphere. A great place to prepare an artistic activity.


  • Poul Fetan

    Subject range: MFL, History, Geography

    What you’ll experience:

    This is a 17th century village featuring demonstrations of spinning, weaving, and ancient farming along with exhibitions of domestic life before the Industrial Revolution. A great excursion to focus on French language skills as well.

    Select says:

    An excellent opportunity, with focused work, for your students to gain insights into many concepts. The staff in the village are keen to show and share their knowledge, so there are plenty of learning opportunities.


  • Standing Stones at Carnac

    Subject range: History

    What you’ll experience:

    This area is populated with megaliths and monuments raised by Neolithic tribes. Carnac is one of the world’s most renowned sites for Neolithic megaliths and your group will see the rows of stones raised by the men and women of pre-history. How did they move such large stones, how does this link to their beliefs, what does this tell us about the growth of society?

    Select says:

    This is a fantastic site and a great opportunity to explore the meanings of society and our interpretations of the past with your students.

Cross-curricular / MFL tour to Brittany by coach: 5 days, 4 nights

Learning areas:

Key Stage 3


  • Development of societies pre-1066
  • Society, economy and culture: for example, feudalism, farming, trade and towns
  • The struggle between Church and crown
  • The Hundred Years War
  • Renaissance and Reformation
    in Europe
  • French Revolutionary wars
  • The development of Church, state and society
  • The Norman Conquest


  • Listen to a variety of forms of spoken language to obtain information and respond appropriately
  • Initiate and develop conversations, coping with unfamiliar language and unexpected responses, making use of important social conventions such as formal modes of address
  • Express and develop ideas clearly and with increasing accuracy, both orally and in writing
  • Speak coherently and confidently, with increasingly accurate pronunciation and intonation


  • Use fieldwork in contrasting locations
  • Understand how human and physical processes interact
  • Human geography relating to: population and urbanisation; economic activity in the primary, secondary, tertiary and quaternary sectors
  • Coastal Landform
  • Tourism Management
  • Volcanic Landforms
  • Understand geographical similarities, differences and links


  • Understand that scientific methods and theories develop as earlier explanations are modified to take account of new evidence and ideas, together with the importance of publishing results and peer review
  • Present reasoned explanations, including explaining data in relation to predictions and hypotheses


  • Understand developments in design and technology, its impact on individuals, society and the environment, and the responsibilities of designers, engineers and technologists
  • Analyse the work of past and present professionals and others to develop and broaden their understanding



Cross-curricular / MFL tour to Brittany by coach: 5 days, 4 nights

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